One of the great privileges of my photographic career has been seeing some of the world's greatest bands and musicians in performance. Here are some of samples that show what can be done when performers take the stage. Below, BB King in the digital age, photographed in Youngstown, OH.

Recently, Mia Z and Sawyer Fredericks from The Voice showed up in Tucson. The venue was dark, with one blue spotlight on the stage. So, high speed and black-and-white was a necessity.

Above, Ron Wood and Keith Richards perform during a 1978 Rolling Stones concert in Greensboro, N.C. The Stones were the first group to provide near-daytime light on stage, during the 1972 tour.

This group is all vintage artists from the days of high speed Ektachrome or Tri-X, pushed to within an inch of its life, under lights that were touch-and-go for color consistency and amount. On the other hand, these people knew how to perform live.

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